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Shenzhen Stars Intelligent Control Co.,Ltd Abbr. Stars Technology, NEEQ:832885)is a leading supplier of servo control and motors, integrating R&D, production, sales and service of servo drive controllers and motors.


Stars Technology has been committed to the green and energy-saving industry and advanced manufacturing for over 20 years. Our technological fields include servo control, motor, electromagnetic compatibility, and anti-backlash control and so on. The existing R & D and production headquarter is more than 30,000 square meters and equipped with independent inspection and test centers. Reaching an international advanced level for technology and equipment level. For many years, Stars Technology has established a high-quality R & D team. The company formulates scientific R & D plans every year, plans annual R & D projects and budget, and conducts research and development and verification of various new products and technologies to ensure technology. R & D is moving in the right direction. Provincial engineering technology research center and small highland of talents electronic information industry. 

Our products have served national key projects many times, such as aerospace measurement and control fields such as Tiangong-1 and "Shenzhou" series spacecrafts, as well as military fields such as radar, artillery and missile frigates. We have participated five national research projects.Our products include AC servo drives, DC servo drives, AC permanent magnet synchronous servo motors, direct drive torque servo motors, dual motor (multi-motor) anti-backlash servo systems, etc. We also involves wind power pitch control, robotics, and servo energy-saving injection molding machines , pure electric injection molding machines, servo hydraulic equipment, machine tools, automated production lines, radar, artillery, aerospace measurement and control and other high-end equipment manufacturing, energy saving and military equipment fields.

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